14 Days of SCCA Majors – Homestead & Sebring

SCCA Majors – Homestead & Sebring


The past 2 weekends the SpeedWorks Racing team set out with high hopes!  Our drivers consisted of Jeremy Klein in our #77 2005 Miata equipped with a fresh motor & Andrew Charbonneau in the #67 1999 Miata and the #69 T4 Mustang for both weekends, while Luis Lacerda in the #47 1995 Miata and Jose Ulfe in the #27 1990 Miata were only in the Homestead race!

First Race: The top 10 (SM) results went Buras, Bolanos, Steyn, Rollan, Goulart, Charbonneau, Guinta, Klein, Acosta, and Geraci.

Jeremy Klein (77) and Andrew Charbonneau (67)  finished in the top 10! Klein’s best time was 1:39.463 and Charbonneau’s best time was 139.042.

Second Race: The top 10 (SM) starting grid at Homestead went Bolanos, Gibbons, Goulart, Charbonneau, Rollan, Buras, Steyn, Rossini, Klein, Geraci. It was a good race by all competitors keeping

the course green for the whole race. The SpeedWorks drivers all performed well and finished in respectable positions. After problems with some of the front runners cars and some DQ’s were

handed out Charbonneau wound up on the podium in 3rd, while Klein finished 5th  (Ulfe 20th &” Lacerda 38th).



Sebring had a much bigger field as expected and held over 10 drivers that could’ve won! SpeedWorks drivers Charbonneau and Klein started from the 14th and 17th positions.

Second race: The top 10 (SM) results were MacHavern, Carbonell, Steyn, Landy, Goulart, Buras, Rollan, Andersen II, Leverone, and Bolanos.

Andrew Charbonneau was in 10th place with two laps to go, but then ran into a mechanical issue with his vehicle.  Jeremy Klein was in 15th place but was involved in race ending track incident.

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